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AU Finchel: Finn makes a surprise visit to Rachel before her Broadway debut

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hold on to that feeling…

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you’re still written in the scars on my heart

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Rachel recently lost the love of her life. This was someone that she was with in High School and thought she’d always be with. They broke up and she believed they would eventually find their way back to each other and they won’t. Then we have Quinn getting back with Puck, someone that she has a history with that started at McKinley, and Mercedes getting back with Sam, someone that she also has a history with that started at McKinley. They’re getting their second chance to make it right and that’s never going to happen for Rachel and Finn. It has to be painful for her to see that. (x)


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Rachel, you know you guys weren’t dating when it all went down, you know?

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Cant complain how much about these days, i believe it will be ok ⚡